Benefits Of Vitamin D

Medical researchers are beginning to rave about the benefits of vitamin D supplementation, and to stress that most Americans don’t get enough of. It’s a vitamin that everyone of us needs in abundance, and we can get it from both our diet and the sun, but it seems that most of us are not getting enough of it from these two sources. For one thing, many people are staying out of the sun, or slathering themselves up with sunscreens that block absorption of the vitamin D in the sun’s rays. Now doctors fear that they may have overstressed the risk of skin cancer from the sun, and are advising people to get more sun to get the benefits of vitamin D.
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Benefits Of Vitamin C

The benefits of vitamin C are increasingly the subject of many different research projects by medical experts and others who want to find out just what all this seeming wonder vitamin can do. Vitamin C has been known to be necessary to good health for centuries, but there have been a lot of fantastic claims made for it in the last fifty years by alternative health writers and heterodox medical experts. One of the most famous advocates of the benefits of Vitamin C was the late Nobel Prize winner, Dr. Linus Pauling. In his later years, he practically turned into an evangelist for vitamin C.
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Benefits Of Vitamin B

It seems that more and more people these days are interested in the benefits of vitamin B supplementation. A lot of this is due to media reports which occur fairly frequently discussing the importance of the B vitamins, and the wonderful benefits they have on our health if we get enough of them, and the serious negative consequences we can suffer if we don’t get enough of them. Unlike most other vitamins known by a letter, there are several different B vitamins, and all of them are necessary if we’re going to enjoy the best possible levels of health.
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Benefits of Vitamin A

One of the biggest trends in America is taking control of one’s own health, and the benefits of vitamin A for helping people lead healthier, richer lives is tremendous. Vitamin A is a fat soluble vitamin, which simply means that if your body receives too much of it, it’s stored in your fat cells. But unless your taking huge doses of this important vitamin, it’s hard to get too much of it. In fact, most people have the opposite problem in that they don’t take in nearly enough vitamin A (just as most people are deficient in many different vitamins and minerals).

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Zinc Supplement: Some Important Facts

Every cell in your body essentially requires zinc, yet your body is not able to manufacture it by itself. It follows naturally that it will be obtained from food, or from taking a zinc supplement. Read more »

The Side Effects Of Vitamins: Can You Take Too Much ?

Most people have the perception that “more is better” when it comes to vitamins. Very few people actually accept that vitamins can be overdosed, just like any other medication. The side effects are not visible immediately, and in most cases, when it eventually manifests, the condition is not always attributed to the side effects of vitamins. Read more »

The List of Vitamins You Need to Consume Daily

While reasonable quantities of vitamins are found in the different foods contained in a balanced diet, most adults simply do not always adhere to a sensible eating plan. Depending on your lifestyle, there may be regular events of convenience taking preference over sensibility. Not allowing sufficient vitamin intake, this requires taking supplements to keep the body functioning properly. Read more »

Too Much Vitamins: Vitamin C Overdose

Most of us would never give any thought to the fact that taking too much vitamins could be dangerous. However, extensive studies have taught us differently. Even dosages we consider to be “common averages” are sometimes actually excessive. A specific study done in Britain involved Vitamin C, which we would consider to be harmless…. Read more »

The B-group of Vitamins: Side Effects You Should Know About

The B-group of vitamins are involved in a wide range of bodily functions, and many people use these supplements to boost energy levels, and to reduce stress levels. However, very few people are aware of the side effects of excessive amounts of B-vitamins can have. Read more »

The Need for Folic Acid: Vitamins Required?

The substance known to most people as folic acid is actually Vitamin B9, a water soluble vitamin. Water soluble vitamins are easily depleted from the body’s supply. So when you need to consume more folic acid, vitamins from the B group is all you have to add to your diet, or supplements. Read more »

Women’s Vitamins Explained

Ladies, do you ever wonder why your health and energy levels are just so so, while some women you meet, who are the same age, just seem to exude radiant health and be filled with limitless energy?  You feel sick and run down all the time, and can barely manage to make it through your day without collapsing,  but they look just as refreshed and full of vigor at the end of their day as they did in the beginning.  What’s their secret?  What are they doing that you’re not?  Well, for many of them, it’s that they supplement their diet with women’s vitamins. Read more »

Liquid Vitamins and Minerals

A growing number of Americans are getting more concerned about their health and they’re deciding to take active control of it for their themselves, instead of just ignoring it and hoping for the best.  One of the methods millions of them are using for this purpose is enhancing their diet with vitamin and and mineral supplements.  Some take capsules and tablets, while others use liquid vitamins and minerals. Read more »

Immune System Vitamins: Protect Yourself!

Your immune system is your body’s most important weapon in fighting off infections and disease.  Many people pay the immune system no thought whatsoever.  If they think about it at all, they have some sort of vague idea that AIDS and HIV have something to do with a weak immune system, but they really have no idea what the term means or what the immune system consists of or does.  But I’m assuming you’re better informed than that, and you know how important your immune system is, and want to protect it.  So let’s talk about protecting it with immune system vitamins. Read more »

Sources of Vitamins: Does Your Diet Measure Up?

Most of us know about the important role that vitamins play in keeping our bodies running effectively. But have you ever taken the time to discover what your body actually needs, and how to accommodate those requirements into your diet, using natural sources of vitamins to prevent you from having to take supplements? Read more »

Informaton on vitamins: Do You Know Enough?

You are probably aware of a lot of different vitamins, and you have identified a few that you take supplements for. But have you ever taken the time to understand what they do, or how they do it? Having more information on vitamins might affect your choices of supplements, and the quantities in which you consume them. Read more »

Herbs and Vitamins: A Natural Combination

Vitamins are of plant origin, from where they are extracted and purified. Herbs normally
include a selection of chemical components, and, depending on the plant, can contain
vitamins as well. Herbs containing high levels of required vitamins accordingly makes for a
perfectly natural supplement, just with a few “bonus add-ons”. Herbal vitamins (herbs and
vitamins combined), are selective extracts from these plants. Read more »

A Combinaton of Vitamins A and D: Benefits and Drawbacks

The combination of vitamins A and D has been the topic of much discussion. It offers some very real benefits, but also has some possible (it varies from person to person) drawbacks. The following information is intended to show both sides of the proverbial coin, and put the facts into perspective. Read more »

Vitamins For Women: Which Ones Are Best?

More and more women in America and Canada are deciding to take charge of their own health.  They are cutting back on the amounts of food they eat, and eating higher quality foods, much of it organic.  They’re taking up regular exercise in an effort to keep their weight under control as well as to reach new levels of fitness.  Women tend to be far more interested in health matters than men, on the whole, and they’re the biggest buyers of health and diet related books, of which thousands are released every year.  They also tend to be far more likely than me to use vitamin supplements to enhance their health.  Which raises the question - what are the best vitamins for women? Read more »

Whole Food Vitamins Vs. Synthetic

In the past few decades,  Americans have gotten more and more health conscious as a nation.  That is, many Americans have gotten more health conscious; it’s an undeniable and terrible fact that millions of Americans are far less conscious of their health these days, as a quick look at the astronomical rates of increase in things like obesity and adult onset diabetes will reveal.  But even many of these folks are starting to see the light, and are trying to reclaim their health.  All health conscious people take vitamins,  and this has led to a big debate - which are better, vitamins made from natural food products (whole food vitamins), or synthetics?  Or are they pretty much the same? Read more »

All About B Complex Vitamins

Have you ever wondered where the terms Vitamin B1, Vitamin B6, Vitamin B12, etc., come from?  You never read about Vitamins A9, or VitaminC2.  Aren’t vitamins vitamins?  Why is Vitamin B broken down this way, while other vitamins, like A and C, aren’t broken down at all, but simply refer to a single kind of vitamin?  How many B complex vitamins are there, anyway?    What do they do? Read more »

Vitamins And Health Are Lacking These Days

Do you want to know one of the main reasons why some people are vibrant and full of energy, while others are constantly run down and listless?    There are many different factors which could be causing this, but one of the big ones is a vitamin deficiency.  Vitamins and health  go together like Christmas and Santa, and if you’re not getting the vitamins you need you’re harming your health.  Unfortunately, that’s the case with millions of Americans these days.  Read more »